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13 September 2013 @ 09:30 am
Welcome to the Livejournal Art Nouveau community. To join this group (and see private posts) you must have a Livejournal account. You can get one here

Hi all, I've been accepting new members and have noticed posts that are not in English. One of the rules of this community is that if someone is posting in their first language that they include an English translation as well. When this community was created it was English based so a lot of our members know it. I have noticed we are getting more Russian members who watch us and that is cool! I don't mind comments in different languages but the entries themselves must have an English translation (you can even use online translators if you like).
Thank you!

Всем привет! После приема новых членов сообщества появилось много сообщений не на английском языке. Одно из правил этого сообщества гласит, что если кто-то разместил пост на своем родном языке, то он должен добавить перевод на английский. Изначально оно создавалось англоязычным, и большинству наших участников это известно.
У нас появилось много русских участников, и это здорово! Я не имею ничего против комментариев на разных языках, но изначально пост должен содержать перевод на английский. Вы даже можете использовать онлайн-переводчики.

Thank you to seahorski
спасибо seahorski
04 April 2016 @ 02:05 am
in Milano, 1923-1925 by architect Piero Portaluppi
(public lavatories, barber shop...)

Wikipedia page (in Italian)

Come in...

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Postée à l'origine par shem8 sur Не живые и не мёртвые. Не убиваемые.

Оригинал взят у darwa в Между Смертью и Гибелью

(Russian text in the initial post)
22 February 2016 @ 02:40 pm
Came across an album on Facebook with some amazing pictures I haven't seen before: https://www.facebook.com/101348803267582/photos/a.494472123955246.1073741835.101348803267582/943805629021891/?type=3&theater
05 February 2016 @ 01:24 am
I just discovered an amazing Russian artist (through instagram) named Valeria Myrusso who makes clay jewelry in the Art Nouveau style. Her pieces are amazing and are made from polymer clay. So incredibly talented, they are brimming with Art Nouveau! You can see images of her works here --> cordocentrika (you will not be disappointed!)

(P.S. If anyone knows Russian & English, please ask her if I may share her images, with credit, so others can find her jewelry and discover her. She has gorgeous pieces and should be known to others for sure!)
31 January 2016 @ 02:52 am
not my auctions and I don't have anything to do with the sellers
Klimt wool coat
and something more
art nouveau cardi
Macintosh cardi
12 January 2016 @ 04:24 pm
Оригинал взят у uchitelj в Вилла Грок (Villa Grock), Империя, Лигурия

Villa Grock is named after the famous Swiss clown Grock, who acquired it in 1920. Now the building is a museum devoted to its former owner.

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