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13 September 2013 @ 09:30 am
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Hi all, I've been accepting new members and have noticed posts that are not in English. One of the rules of this community is that if someone is posting in their first language that they include an English translation as well. When this community was created it was English based so a lot of our members know it. I have noticed we are getting more Russian members who watch us and that is cool! I don't mind comments in different languages but the entries themselves must have an English translation (you can even use online translators if you like).
Thank you!

Всем привет! После приема новых членов сообщества появилось много сообщений не на английском языке. Одно из правил этого сообщества гласит, что если кто-то разместил пост на своем родном языке, то он должен добавить перевод на английский. Изначально оно создавалось англоязычным, и большинству наших участников это известно.
У нас появилось много русских участников, и это здорово! Я не имею ничего против комментариев на разных языках, но изначально пост должен содержать перевод на английский. Вы даже можете использовать онлайн-переводчики.

Thank you to seahorski
спасибо seahorski
17 August 2014 @ 10:28 pm

There are Nizhnedevitsky (Voronezh region) complex of ancient buildings - pre-revolutionary buildings higher Primary School: Academic Building, home inspector, workshops. Two-storey academic building with classical details, built in the early 20th century, in the modern era, stands out among the predominant one-storey private building and remembered appearance.
In neighboring Lipetsk region in Zadonsk, caught the eye of a similar structure. When comparing the images turned out that the same project, and was also built to higher primary school. And Valuyki (Belgorod region): the same project and also a former higher initial ...
In Valuyki school building is considered the architect A. Kunicha - county technician Valuyskaya rural council, who built many of the beautiful and of a good for the city and county. Probably the school project was borrowed zemstvoes neighboring Voronezh province or Kunichevu was made some centralized order. Find any information about this failed, except for the date of construction - three buildings in different cities were built in the same time - 1912-14. Perhaps the structure of this project were built and some other neighboring counties.
04 August 2014 @ 10:25 pm
1901, architects  Raymond Baurbaud and Edouard  Bauhain , sculptor Jules Louis Rispail.

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04 August 2014 @ 01:41 am
Originally posted by span_tourist at Вещи Ар нуво

1. Description Polished pewter champagne bucket (or Jardiniere) with spectacular figural mermaid sitting on a seashell.
The rest of the piece is covered in elaborate aquatic decoration. Country of Manufacture Germany
Date 1906. (Ведерко для шампанского, с прекрасной фигурой русалки, сидящей на раковине. Германия. 1906г.)

2. Description Polished Pewter Champagne Bucket 1906, Germany. (Ведерко для шампанского. Германия. 1906г.)

3. Description A silverplate on pewter mirror with Art Nouveau figural maiden
Country of Manufacture Austria
Date c.1905
(Зеркало с женской фигуркой. Австрия. 1905.)

4. Description A magnificent Centrepiece with Art Nouveau figural maiden reaching into a pond.
The frame is silver plate on pewter & brass, with crystal glass liner
Country of Manufacture Germany
Date c.1906
(Девичья фигурка в стиле Ар нуво на краю пруда-хрустальной ладьи. Германия. 1906г.)

5. Description Polished pewter visiting card tray with typical Art Nouveau semi-clad maiden sitting on a rocky outcrop.
Country of Manufacture Germany
Date 1906
(Поднос для визитных карточек, с типичным образом Ар нуво- полуобнаженная дева, сидящая на камне. Германия. 1906г.)

6. Description Polished pewter flagon with a handle in the form of a figural art nouveau mermaid
Country of Manufacture Germany
Date c.1906
(Кувшин с ручкой в виде русалки в стиле Модерн. Сделано в Германии. 1906)

7. Description Polished pewter card tray with a child and snail
Country of Manufacture Germany
Date 1906
(Поднос для визитных карточек с девочкой и улиткой)
8. Description Polished pewter clock with with gilded face
Country of Manufacture Germany
Date c.1905
(Часы с позолотой в лицевой части)

9. Description A magnificent polished pewter Art Nouveau figural maiden lamp
Country of Manufacture Austria
Date c.1905
(Восхитительная лампа с девичьей фигуркой. Олово. Австрия. 1905.)
10. Description Brass vase with tiger's eye stones
Country of Manufacture Austria
Date 1905
Size 38.25cms high, 17cms wide
Other Information The original design was executed by the Wiener Werkstatte and only 4 were ever made, one of which sits in the National Museum of Decorative Arts, Vienna. This example was made in 1905 as a special commission and was varied by the craftsmen who made it so as not to incur legal problems. The original is 25cm high and this vase is 38cm high. Also the top is bowed whereas the original is flat. This piece is superbly made and we suspect that it was made by a former craftsman at the Weiner Werkstatte.
(Ваза с тигровым глазом. Австрия, 1905. Размеры 17х38,25см. Оригинальный дизайн "Венских мастерских", всего сделано 4, одна из них находится в Вене, в Национальном музее. Этот экземпляр сделан в 1905, по спец. заказу, мастером внесены изменения, чтобы избежать проблем с законом. Оригинал имеет высоту 25см, эта ваза-38см. (Оригинал придуман Коломаном Мозером) Так же изменен верх, в оригинале он прямой, здесь имеет наклон. Прекрасно сделано, поэтому мы предполагаем, что эту вещь сделал бывший мастер "Венских мастерских".)

11. Description Silver plate on brass punch ladle with maiden detail to the handle
Country of Manufacture Germany
Date 1906
(Серебряный черпак:) для пунша, на ручке женская головка. Германия. 1906.)
12. Description Polished pewter inwell with full figural art nouveau maiden
Country of Manufacture Germany
Date c.1906
(Оловянная чернильница с фигуркой в стиле Ар нуво)

13. Designer Rene Lalique
Description Opalescent glass platter with reclining figures in an aquatic scene
Country of Manufacture France
Date c.1930
(Р. Лалик. Стеклянное блюдо цвета опала с раскинувшимися водными девами)

14. Description Pewter fruit dish with winged semi-clad maiden handle
Country of Manufacture Austria
Date Circa 1905
(Фруктовое блюдо с ручкой в виде полуобнаженной девушки. Австрия. 1905.)

15. Description Fabulous garniture,depicting two lovers in classical romantic posesses.
Silver plate on Pewter with original glass liners
Country of Manufacture Germany
Date c.1906
(Сказочный гарнитур, изображающий влюбленных в классических романтических позах. Посеребренное олово.
Оригинальные стеклянные вазоны и ладья. Германия. 1906)

Больше/much more:
Ceramiste Alexandre Bigot, sculptor Camille Alaphilippe. 1904.
Beetle - the emblem of the architect

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28 June 2014 @ 03:14 pm
These pictures show some houses of Praag Bubenec.
The industrial revolution caused in Europe a great migration of working class people to the quick expanding and smoky cities.
This was a reason for  the nouveau riches to look for better dwelling conditions.  In the outskirts of the cities, parc towns came into  existence.
Recently we visited one of these places: Praag Bubeneč.
Nowadays it is surrounded by other extensions of Prague and  you have to face the mad trafficways to get there. But once there,  the old atmosphere is still to feel . Tall trees, room and rest,  and indescribable  beautiful houses.
Many in Art Nouveau, some in the style of the Vienna Secession, nowadays often embassies.P1020218 (Medium)
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27 June 2014 @ 05:25 pm
Recently we visited the Czech town  Jablonec nad Nisou and I was stunned by the amount of Jugendstil architecture there.
Complete streets, house beside house, were covered with Art Nouveau stucco work and the absolute highlight was the Old Catholic Church which is built in the style of the Vienna Secession. A photographic impression:

Kamenna  (13) (Small)

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17 June 2014 @ 08:34 pm
André Arfvidson, 1911. Ceramicist Alexandre Bigot. The end of the Art Nouveau - early Art Deco.

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